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Hey dolls! Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend (I sure am). Very regularly I get questions from friends and family asking me for help and advice on what to wear to events or what to pair with a certain item of clothing etc. and this week one of my very good friends approached me with a styling question based around the colour olive green. Olive green is such a winter colour which seems to be hot season trend every autumn/winter with this season being no different but it is one of those colours that is pretty tricky to get right and it can seem so overwhelming when it comes to picking items to pair with it so I thought that in helping my friend I'd challenge myself and create a post on how to wear the colour olive green.
Pair With Neutrals
Pairing olive green with neutrals such as black, white and grey is the safest way to style olive green or any colour you are unsure of for that matter. Neutral colours allow the colour to stand out more and can even make an outfit look edgy when a single neutral colour is the base of the outfit. If you want to lift the look a little you can also pair olive green with colours such as cream, navy and pale pinks for added interest.
Military Influence
Olive green is a colour that tends to have a military connotation to it which is probably another reason as to why it's quite an intimidating colour when it comes to styling but it doesn't have to be initimidating and if anything, the military influence can be played up in styling. One can choose to go full on military with camouflage jackets and long double breasted cats and jackets or can simply play around with items that have subtle military detailing like epaulets and cargo pockets. The trick is to keep things crisp and clean in order to emulate that army uniform feel.
Feminine Textures and Silhouettes 
A great way to style olive green is to pick items with feminine textures and silhouettes in order to take away from the military and masculine connotation. A great circle or pencil skirt in an olive green hue or lace detailing is a good way to make this colour more feminine and flirty.
Pair With Prints
Pairing olive green with prints is a new and contemporary way to style this bold colour which is usually paired with neutrals. This styling tip is definitely not for the faint hearted and if you're feeling brave then I'd suggest treating olive green like a neutral colour and mixing it with both bright and tonal prints but if you do want to keep it safe then stick to fail safe combinations such as olive green with black and white stripes or leopard print. 
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So those are my styling tips on how to style the colour olive green which I think are pretty easy to implement and play around with. If anyone has any tips of their own I'd love to hear them as it's always great to try something new. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Enjoy you weekend loves. Toodles! 
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