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Hey dolls! Ever been ramaging through your makeup collection and find two nearly identical products? This happens to me quite frequently especially when it comes to my huge lipstick collection. I tend to pick up lipsticks quite frequently because they're my favourite makeup item ever and when I find a very good dupe for a high end lippy it always makes me happy because let's face it, why spend £10+ on a tube of lipstick when you can spend much less for something equally as good? Anyway enough rumbling, as you can see from the title I've found a dupe for one of MAC's most popular A/W lipstick shades Cyber and the even better news is that this dupe comes at a fraction of the price at only £2.99!!! Absolute bargain!!!
Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick Scorned
So this dupe is called Scorned and it is from Collection's gothic glam collection which has the perfect shades for A/W at a very affordable price. As you can see even from a side by side picture of the tubes, the colours are very very similar even though I'd say that MAC's Cyber has less of a sheen to it than Scorned and appears a tad darker.
Upon swatching the two lipsticks side by side it only reiterates what I mentioned earlier and shows that the difference between the two is only a slight one with Cyber being a little darker than Scorned. It can also be seen from the swatches that Cyber has more of a blue undertone to it while Scorned has more of a reddish undertone. In terms of consistency, both lipsticks are again very similar and have a satin finish which is what I'd describe as mid-way between a matte lipstick and a creme sheen lipstick. The colour payout is great on both and the lasting power is moderate, you'll definitely need to reapply these lippies after food and beverages... well at least I've had to lol. 
So if anyone was out for a MAC Cyber lipstick dupe, I'd say Collection's Scorned is a pretty good one at a mere fraction of the price. I hope you guys found this helpful and don't mind me sharing and if anyone else has any dupes for MAC's Cyber or any other popular Mac lipsticks share them below, sharing is caring after all. Toodles!
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Maggie Pegg says:

That's a very Close dupe. Good one

Tashpantz K says:

Thanks love! Following back xx

Emmajane. says:

Wow, they're so similar! Nothing better than when you find a dupe for a mac lipstick, it has to be said! Followed!

Harry Styles inspired outfit post is up, if you're interested! X

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