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Hey dolls! It's Friday (thank God for that!) and today's post is a little tell all about the launch of a new lounge bar I attended this Wednesday. I was lucky enough to receive an email to attend the launch of Quinto Lounge which was opening on the Birmingham road in Sutton Coldfield and I was invited to bring a friend along so me and my bestie got our glad rags on and went to check the place out. After a very short journey because I don't live too far away from the venue, we arrived at Quinto Lounge which was not at all hard to miss with its big bold sign and outside seating decor.
Described on it's twitter page as an 'Eccentric, family friendly casual dining lounge bar' I can definitely say I got the eccentric vibe once inside. The decor was very flamboyant with loads of art work on bold wallpapered walls, hanging lighting, mirrors and a nice mix of wooden table seating and comfy couches and coffee tables. It was definitely a place I could see a variety of scenarios taking place from family meals to after work drinks to even first dates. The whole atmosphere of the place was very chilled and relaxed even with how busy it was with it being the first official night of the lounge bar opening. 
The staff were great and upon arrival we were greeted and told we could have a look around of the lounge and help ourselves to drinks from the bar which we of course did. I had a vodka lemon and lime which is my favourite drink of all time and my friend had the same and once we were watered, we had a seat at a table in the back of the lounge and admired the place whilst we glanced over the menus. I was very happy to see a very wide selection on the food menus ranging from breakfast and all day brunch options to sandwiches, soup, paninis, tapas and known favourites including burgers and mac n' cheese. There was definitely something for everyone and they even had a kids menu as well as vegan and gluten free options. I love it when establishments think about every customer and Quinto Lounge definitely though about everyone that would be walking through their doors judging by their menu. 
After looking at the menus, a server came to our table and told us that we would be trying out some of the tapas on offer, she asked whether either of us were vegan or ate gluten free which we weren't and we didn't and we let her know that we were pretty much game for anything. Soon we had some lovely tapas in front of us and we got to try the patatas bravas, pan fried halloumi courgettes and peppers with rose harissa dressing, chicken teriyaki skewers with sesame and mirim dressing, roasted sweet potato and butternut squash with goat's cheese and sweet chilli jam, honey-glazed shreded five-spice pork and the Spanish chorizo and lemon. Everything was really tasty and well portioned and we both enjoyed everything put in front of us however, if I had to choose I'd say that the halloumi courgettes and the pulled pork were my favourites from the selection. 
All in all, the launch was a great success and I'll definitely be returning to Quinto Lounge in the near future to try out some more bits from their menu, particularly their brunch options and their burgers because everyone that knows me knows that I'm a fiend for a burger. I also made sure I told the parents all about it once I got home as they venture into Sutton Coldfield quite a bit and I can definitely see them loving Quinto Lounge as much as me and the bestie did. I highly recommend visiting Quinto Lounge if you live locally, I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you just want a nice casual place you can have some food, a drink and a natter. If you're not from around or near Sutton Coldfield you can have a look on the Lounges Website to find out if there's a lounge near you as there are over 30 lounges open nationwide and 4 new ones on their way. Also make sure you join their mailing list to keep up to date with lounges opening near you and any special offers or deals they might be having. 
I hope you've enjoyed this post and reading what I've been up to dolls and thanks again to Quinto Lounge for inviting me along to their launch night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be back very very soon. Toodles! 
*All Views in this post are my own and have not been influenced by Quinto Lounge or any other party*
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