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Hey dolls! Happy Friday! These weeks are absolutely speeding past aren't they? Anyway before I go off on a tangent in all my weekend excitement I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on the Bun & Bowl Valentine's Day menu which myself and few other bloggers were lucky enough to taste last Sunday. The event was put together by the Bun & Bowl management team and a fellow Blogger Natasha of Nutella Tasha and I must say I was very excited to have been invited because I've been wanting to try out Bun & Bowl for the longest time since it opened. Bun & Bowl is located in The Cube, located in Birmingham City Center right next to The Mailbox and a stone's throw away from Brindley Place. The restaurant is a deluxe burger and shrimp restaurant specialising in... You guessed it! Burgers and shrimp (or prawns to us Brits). Having been a first time visitor I must say I really loved the entire atmosphere of the restaurant which was small but intimate setting of the with modern decor and a non pretentious vibe which is always a plus for a Brummy girl like myself.
Before the event officially started I got to catch up with some of the bloggers over soothing violin music and cocktails from the extensive cocktail menu containing twists on old favourites as well as new and interesting mixes I've never tried before. The bar staff are also able to mix you a cocktails of your choosing if you give them a recipe or list of ingredients which I think is brilliant and there's also a selection of mocktails for anyone laying off the liquor. I tried the Long Island beach tea cocktail to start (cocktails are not included as part of the Valentine's Day menu) which is a spin on an all time favourite of mine, the Long Island iced tea and I must say the bright colour threw me off at first but the taste was absolutely delicious! 
After everyone had arrived and after a brief itinerary from Bun & Bowl's manager we got into the food tasting and the first thing we tried from the menu was the 'Surprise of a passionate heart' appetiser which was an amuse-bouche of a mushroom cappuccino with hot soy milk and avocado ballotine, smoked salmon and clotted cream served with red champagne made from Moet Chandon champagne and strawberry puree. I very much enjoyed this appetiser and my favourite part was the smooth warm mushroom cappuccino which kind of reminded me of cream of mushroom soup which I really like. The salmon and avocado on the crispy bread was also very nice and went well with the mushroom cappuccino and accompanying champagne cocktail. 
We also got to try out another one of the appetisers called the 'A pearl for my love' which was a fresh oyster with white lobster bisque and champagne. I must admit I was not looking forward to trying this out at all as I've never tried oysters before and as I'm very funny about slimey textures I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to keep it down. As one of my new year's resolutions for 2015 was to be more open minded I took a couple of deep breaths, said a silent prayer and went for it and I have to say it wasn't half as bad as I thought it'd be. Best way to describe the taste was that it tasted of the sea and was a bit salty and tangy. The texture I was not a great fan of and it took some serious mental strength to swallow it but I must say I'm so glad I tried it and I wouldn't be opposed to trying it again, just not anytime soon lol.
After the appetisers came my favourite part of the whole night, the main course! We got to try out the 'Bun & Burger Bowl A la Rossine' which was a classic beef burger with onion confit glazed with a port wine and fois gras scallop, recreated with truffle dressing and served with homemade fries. There was also a chicken version for non beef eaters as well as a vegetarian and gluten free version which I though was so great and inclusive of every single customer. The burger was so juicy and delicious with loads of flavour and it was cooked medium-rare just how I like it but can be cooked for longer or for less depending on individual tastes. I know I may be being a little bias here because burgers are my favourite food but I believe me I've had bad burgers before and this burger was certainly not one of them. It was so yummy and it would be my pick every time. 
For desert we tried out the 'Strawberry delights with crunchy chocolate' which was lemon juice and thyme spiced strawberries with foam cacao and a mint gratin served on a melted meringue. It.It was light and refreshing as far as desserts go and it was the perfect way to end the meal. I also loved how the spice made the taste of the strawberries interesting and took away some of that sharp tart taste you can get from strawberries. My only qualm was that there wasn't enough of the melted meringue but that's just the fat girl inside me moaning lol.
We ended the night with a shot of raspberry vodka mixed with bailey's (which I drunk before I could take pics, oops lol) and it was the perfect way to end the night. Overall my experience of Bun & Bowl as a whole was very pleasant, the manager was very friendly and knowledgeable of all the food and drink and answered all our questions with ease. The staff were friendly and very attentive and saw to everyone's needs which surely couldn't have been easy but it was all done with a smile so don't be afraid to mention any dietary requirements you might have if you do pop in and they're also very accommodating in terms of maybe swapping out certain bits of the menu to suit individual needs. We also got to meet the head Chef Junior who was also very nice and clearly very talented. 
I would definitely recommend visiting Bun & Bowl if you're in the market for some great burgers and tasty shrimp and if you're stuck for somewhere to take your significant other this Valentine's day I say definitely book a table at Bun & Bowl if you're after a nice romantic meal in an intimate but casual setting. Their Valentine's day menu will be available on Valentine's day at a very reasonable cost of £30 per person which includes a 3 course meal and a glass of champagne each! You certainly can't go wrong with that! If you're interested in booking a table for Valentine's day or any other day you can click here for booking details.
Many thanks to Bun & Bowl for a wonderful evening and to Natasha for putting the event together and inviting us, I had a great time and will be returning to Bun & Bowl very soon to try out more of their great menu. To keep updated with special offers and events at Bun & Bowl make sure to add them on Twitter and Facebook!
*All food and drink was complimentary but all the views in this post are completely my own and have not been influenced by Bun & Bowl or any other party*
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