January Favourites

Hey dolls! So I'm a bit late with this post but I thought I'd quickly share with you some of the products I enjoyed using during the month of January and this includes beauty and skincare as well as a couple fashion bits.
1. Nude T bar Sandals 
If you're a regular reader you'll know that I have been absolutely loving these nude t-bar sandals that I picked up in the Matalan sale before Christmas. They're just so versatile and go with absolutely everything and I certainly wore them to death in January and have no intentions of packing them away just yet.
2. Earrings
Whenever I have my extensions in I tend not to wear any earrings because you simply can't see them but when I do opt to wear some earrings I find myself reaching for these pierced heart studs and gold hoop earrings. They're both understated enough for everyday wear but also interesting enough to add a little something extra to work or going out outfits.
3. Rimmel Lip Liners In Black Tulip & Obsession
I have absolutely been loving wearing lip liner all over the lips as it lasts all day and gives me that matte look and finish. These two lip liners have served me well in the month of January and have inspired me to get more spring appropriate lip liners as spring makes its way around in the next couple of months.
4. Sleek Contour Kit In Dark
I have been loving my sleek contour kit during the month of January especially the dark contouring powder which has been working very well for various tasks suck as filling in my eyebrows, cutting creases in eye looks and of course it's intended purpose; contouring.
5. The Body Shop Cranberry Bath Soap
This soap has been such a gem during the month of January and I'm so glad I picked it up during Christmas time as it was limited edition. It worked well in the mornings to wake me up and help me feel refreshed and ready for the day. It smells absolutely divine and reminds me of Christmas which had helped me get over those January blues.
6. Lee Stafford Argon Oil Moisture Injection Dry Conditioner
I have absolutely been loving this deep conditioning argan oil spray for my curly extensions. It has been keeping my hair fresh and moisturised during this horrible winter weather in between washes and what I love most about it is that it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy. My only issue with it is that it literally chokes the hell out of me every time I spray it which is not very pleasant. 
7. Gold Stacking Rings
Another jewellery piece I loved in January was rings, particularly my gold stacking rings. I'm definitely not a necklace or bracelet girl so these rings have been working well with my January outfits to add a little bit of dimension and interest.
8. Forever Living Recovering Night Cream
Last but not least is my Forever Living night cream which has helped my skin loads during these dry winter months. It has been working through the night to restore the moisture stripped through the day in order to replenish the skin and have it feeling smooth and supple the following day. Absolutely love this night cream!
That's it folks! These have been my January favourites. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe learned about some new products. What products were you guys loving in January? 
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Tashpantz K says:

Thank you! They're my absolute fave 🙂 xx

Them Sandals are amazing!! <3 Xx

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