Dr Paw Paw Original Balm Review

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm
Hey dolls! Hope you guys are all well, I've been away for a minute and I have missed coming on here and sharing with you guys! Today's post is going to be a review post seeing as I haven't done a review in a while and I will be reviewing the Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm. This little 25ml tube of goodness is a multipurpose balm which can be used not only to moisturise dry lips but also to tame and shape brows, smooth and moisturise skin, prime eyes and skin for makeup, help with bite and stings and even soothe nail cuticles and nappy rash! 
So does it do all the above? I sure gave everything mentioned a go over the past 3 weeks and my results are in! *drum roll* What I will say first and foremost is that this balm is excellent for moisturising the lips, it applies easily and is not at all sticky and thick which I love when it comes to lip balms. It also did make a good nail cuticle soother and I found myself reaching for it numerous times when I was either preparing to put a fresh coat of nail varnish on or after just removing old nail varnish. I did also notice that it slowed down the growing back of my nail cuticles which is a great bonus. It didn't work as well for smoothing down my brows due to the slightly oily texture and I found that it did not keep them in place for a long time at all so on that note I wasn't as impressed with it. It was also not a huge success as an eye or face primer due to its texture which does not work well if you have oily skin like mine, I found the product slipping and sliding a lot which I definitely did not like. I'd suggest maybe giving it a try if your skin is more on the dry side. Lastly, I thought that it made for a very good skin moisturiser and I used it a few times on my dry hands when I'd forgotten my hand cream. It is only a tiny tube though so I'd recommend it for small dry patches of skin rather than bigger areas. 
All in all I have enjoyed using this lip balm and will definitely continue using it over the next coming months... Well until it runs out lol. I love that it is a multi-purpose balm and I'd definitely  recommend having one handy in your makeup bag or purse for any little emergencies. I would also love to try it out in its other flavours as I only got to try out the original formula. Have any of you guys ever tried out any of the Dr. Paw Paw multi-purpose lip balms? Toodles! 
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