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Hey dolls! I'm back with another restaurant review and for today's review I'll be talking about Rub Smokehouse Birmingham which just opened a couple of weeks ago at Regency Wharf on Broad Street. Rub Smokehouse is a quirky and contemporary restaurant which has firm roots in Southern American cuisine with classic American dishes on the menu such as corn dogs and chicken and waffles. 
I had heard good things prior to visiting Rub Smokehouse and I was eager to try it out so I booked a table online using their online reservation system which was so quick and easy to do and after booking our table I received confirmation of my booking via email and text on the day of booking as well as a reminder on the day of visiting. The place is very easy to find if you are familiar with Birmingham's broad street and parking was also easy to find on a nearby street nearby. We were greeted by a member of staff upon arrival who showed us into a lift that took us up into the restaurant and once there we were greeted by another member of staff who sat us down and informed us that someone would be with us shortly to take our drinks order.
We had a look at the menu which was very thought out with a lot of variety and it took us a while to decide on what to have as we just wanted to try literally everything! We started with ordering our drinks and I kept it safe with a bottomless iced tea which was super affordable and my other half ordered a ginger ale which unfortunately wasn't available so he settled for a ginger beer instead. I was also taking in the atmosphere at this point and I noticed the quirky wall art and general design of the restaurant with colourful wooden tables and different coloured seats and I definitely got the vibe they were going for which was modern, interesting with quirky items such as a random set of traffic lights which I noticed in one of the corners (wish I had gotten a good picture of that).
For starters we ordered the Rub nachos to share and these came topped with sour cream, guacamole, pulled pork, monterey jack, salsa and cheese. My other half doesn't eat pork however but the staff were kind enough to swap the pulled pork for pulled chicken which I thought was very nice of them to do so. I also ordered a corn dog because the little kid in me that had grown up watching American films with people eating corn dogs just wanted to try one out! The food came in good time but our nachos came without the pulled chicken which was rather disappointing but after a chat with a member of staff they were taken back to the kitchen and the right order was brought out. The nachos were very tasty and we scoffed down the whole plate. The portion I thought was kind of small in comparison to other places we'd visited and we could have easily had another portion but nonetheless the were tasty and we enjoyed them. The corn dog was also pleasant and I'm glad I tried it to satisfy my curiosity but essentially its just a hot dog sausage on a stick wrapped in a crispy batter for anyone that hasn't tried one and was wondering.
For main course I ordered the half rack of ribs with the spice rubbed skin on fries and I upgraded one of my sides to mac and cheese for an added 50p as this is considered one of the epic sides which costs a little bit more. My other half went for the half BBQ free range chicken with skin on fries and dirty rice. We had no complaints about these portions and the food looked delicious when it arrived and we couldn't wait to get stuck in! My meal was pleasant enough but the ribs were not juicy at all and I found them really dry and a little tough on the inside; they could have done with 5 minutes or so less on the grill. My fries were also a bit cold and lacking in flavour and my mac and cheese was also a little overdone with the inside being quite dry and bland. I found that my whole meal generally lacked in flavour and I had to reach for the salt and pepper and table condiments just to inject some flavour into the meal. My other half said his chicken was very tender and juicy but also found that like with my meal; everything on the plate lacked flavour and could have done with a little more seasoning and kick.
So in general the experience as a whole was a bit on the underwhelming side but we put that down to growing pains as the restaurant is only a couple of weeks old and we're sure that in time it will find its footing and improve with constructive feedback from its customers. The service and atmosphere however was very good with very attentive and friendly staff which I absolutely love because you guys know by now that my ultimate pet peeve is bad service. Would I recommend Rub Smokehouse? Absolutely! I would recommend that people give this restaurant a go because I personally think it will improve with time the more feedback it gets. I personally plan on going back with some friends to try out the #HUNGDRAWNANDQUARTERED meat taster platter as well as a few other items on the menu so I haven't written Rub Smokehouse off just yet! For those wondering about price, Rub Smokehouse is very affordable in my books and our total meal including drinks came up to about £37 which I thought was pretty awesome; that's less than £20pp! So let me know what you think if you do try out Rub Smokehouse because I'm eager to compare notes on experiences at this restaurant. I do hope you found this review helpful and any other questions you guys may have that I haven't answered int his review I'll be happy to answer in the comments section below. Toodles!
Rub Smokehouse
4 Regency Wharf, Broad Street Birmingham.
B1 1DS.
01212888807 | Website
*All views are my own and were not influenced by Rub Smokehouse in any way shape or form. My meal was paid for using my own money*
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Tashpantz K says:

I've seen some negative ones too but they invited me to go check out the kitchens and how they prepare the food and stuff so if you want we can go together for that! I've never heard of Nosh and Quaff but I might check it out too x

I keep hearing negative reviews of this place. I don't think I will be trying it out. However, will you be trying Nosh & Quaff soon? I want to but need to wait until next payday. Great post!

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