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Hey dolls! Today's post is a quick one sharing some goodies I received from The Body Jewellery shop courtesy of Etail PR. The Body Jewellery Shop is a UK based company founded in 2000 that stocks a wide range of ear piercing jewellery and body jewellery for all your body piercing needs.

I have a few ear piercings as well as a lip piercing and body piercing and I thought that it would be a good opportunity to get some fresh new jewellery for my piercings as I literally haven't changed my body jewellery in years.


I chose 3 items from The Body Jewellery shop which were the *jewelled silver tragus stud, a *Zircon steel clip-on ear cuff and a *ball closure ring and clip in accessory which comes with 4 spare ball closures. I got the tragus stud and the ball closure ring in silver surgical steel because I don't usually change these piercings often and I find that silver doesn't react to my skin. The ear cuff however, I chose in gold to compliment most of the earrings and studs that I already have as most of them are gold and I thought this simple little cuff would fit into the collection perfectly.

All the jewellery I chose form The Body Jewellery shop is nice and comfortable and fits well but I must say that ball closure ring and clip is a bastard to get closed and clipped and I think it's because I chose a 3.2mm ring which was quite thick. In future I think I'll go for something thinner and easier to work with like the 2mm ring. Other than that I was happy with all my pics and would highly recommend The Body Jewellery Shop for anyone out there looking for nice and affordable ear piercing jewellery or body piercing jewellery. What do you guys think of my picks? Has anyone ever tried The Body Jewellery Shop? Toodles!

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