DIY Fringed Hem Jeans


Denim is such a huge trend this season with distressed denim, frayed hems, fringing and even patch work denim taking the catwalk and high street by storm. I am a denim lover and I tend to spend quite a bit of money on denim to get the latest styles and the best quality. There's times however when you don't have to spend your coins and you can simply get creative and do a little bit of DIY to change some already existing items into something more on trend. This is why I'm coming at you today with a simple DIY to show you how I turned an old pair of mom jeans into some on trend fringed hem denim.

What You'll Need

  1. An old pair of jeans (preferably straight leg or mom jeans)
  2. Sharp scissors
  3. Cello tape
  4. Chalk or white pencil
  5. Measuring tape
  frayed hem jeans  

What to do

First cut off the hem from your jeans.

frayed hem jeans1  

Use your measuring tape to measure how high up the leg you want your fringes to go. I went for 3 and a half inches as the denim will scrunch up and twist when finished. Mark your preferred length and then place cello tape across the legs of the jeans to make sure you do not cut beyond your desired length.

frayed hem jeans2  

Cut fringes using your scissors to your desired width; the thinner the fringes the more defined and frayed your fringes will be.

frayed hem jeans3   frayed hem jeans4  

Once you're happy with your fringes, place your jeans into the washing machine. Once washed, air dry and enjoy your new fringed hem jeans.

frayed hem jeans5  

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick and easy DIY and I hope you are inspired to get creative and bring some life to your neglected or forgotten denim pieces that are shoved away in the back of your closets. I'm really loving my new fringed jeans, they've added some much needed life to my summer wardrobe and if you want to see how I styled them recently check out my Instagram for inspiration. Talk soon loves xx

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Chileshe says:

I just love the pants! Need to try cutting one of my old one, very creative xx

tashpantz says:

Thanks Hun! Tag me in a pic of you try it xx

Esther says:

I love the results, wish I could go back to recycling my clothes and making something new out of the old ones. I used to love DIY projects.

tashpantz says:

Thanks Hun! It’s never too late to start your DIY projects again x

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