Smashing Goals

Fitness and weight loss was one of my top goals this year and a much needed one at that. The short story of it all is that I had put on a stone in weight and although it wasn't a massive change and some people didn't even notice, I did. Believe me when my favourite jeans couldn't get past my ass or when my stomach area was looking a whole lot rounder, I definitely noticed. Having always been very confident, I was suddenly feeling very self conscious and shying away from wearing certain things for the first time in my life. I mean guys, I was literally terrified of putting on a bodycon dress!! It really got that deep lol. Anyway, being someone that doesn't like to dwell on stuff,  I made a commitment to lose the weight I'd put on and I joined the gym on January the 10th 2016. Fast forward 7 months, I'm nearly 1 stone lighter with only 1.4lbs away from my goal weight! And remember those jeans I mentioned earlier that I couldn't get past my ass? They're the ones I'm wearing in today's post! It may not seem like a massive achievement to others but it is for me and I'm astonished at how making that single decision to join the gym has changed so many aspects of my life and not just my outward appearance. I'm genuinely happier because I have a healthy outlet for my frustrations, I'm feeling better and as a result I'm more productive and have much more energy to do stuff and my confidence is through the roof and I'm putting myself out there more and networking. This just goes to show you guys that sometimes taking control of that one thing that's affecting your happiness is the first step to making a massive difference in your life. I hope this post encourages someone to smash some goals, whether it be career goals, weight loss goals or even relationship goals. Take control! Talk soon Loves xx   goals5   goals6   goals3   goals9   goals   goals8
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Liza says:

Yaas girl, well done for smashing your goal and the commitment. I know how you feel as I’ve been feeling a little round too (Pizza is too good) and I’ve noticed but no one believes me. I’ve tried to keep fit and cut back on the pizza but no luck lol, reading this has me inspired me to start excising and maybe swimming again.

I’ll check back with you on that later but well done for sticking to your goal.

tashpantz says:

Thanks hun means a lot that you feel inspired by this post. I wish you luck on your journey. It isn’t easy but you can do it jut be patient with yourself and don’t give up xx

Edye says:

You look amazing! Pinned <3

Edye |

tashpantz says:

Thanks Hun. Xx

Michelle says:

Yaasss! Glad yiur are smashing it! I too am having that issue I’ve gone up two dress sizes in the last two years and I HATE it. I have a love hate relationship with the gym but I’m back at it now and hopefully I’ll loose a stone in the next month in time for my hols!

tashpantz says:

Thanks so much Hun! Good luck on your journey it’s not easy but you can definitely do it! Xx

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