Give Me Blue Upcycle With Dylon (part 2)


Ever had that one item of clothing that you just don't know what to do with? That item of clothing for a me is my one and only pair of white jeans from Dorothy Perkins. I've probably had them for over a year now and have only ever worn them twice (here and here). I just haven't gotten as much wear out of them as I thought I would have and that really annoys me because if you know me you'll know that I love to get my value for money. I don't know what it is about them; maybe it's the style of them or the fit or the fact that I always manage to get them dirty within minutes of wearing them but it's safe to say these white jeans have been a total and utter fail.

After toying around with the idea of throwing them out or giving them away I thought it would be much cooler to upcycle them as part of my second collaboration with Dylon and dye them blue (check out part 1 here). I love blue as you guys may know and the best way to get wear out of these jeans is to have them in a colour I know I'll definitely wear so I thought yes, let's go blue!

dylon   dylon2  

What I used:

  1. Pair of white jeans
  2. 1 packet of *Dylon's Jeans Blue hand dye
  3. 250g salt
  4. Water

 What I did:

  1. As in my previous Dylon upcycle project the first thing I did was read the instructions carefully. This is definitely a step that shouldn't be ignored if you want good results!
  2. After reading the instructions I made sure to weigh out my fabric in order to ensure I had enough dye for the project (1 packet of hand dye will dye 250g of fabric to the true shade).
  3. Fabric weighed and dye at the ready, the next step was to wash my jeans in order to remove any stains or dressings. This ensures an even finish.
  4. Following the instructions on the packet I mixed the dye and 500ml of warm water into a stainless steel container. In a separate container I proceeded to dissolve the 250g of salt into 6l of warm water.
  5. After both solutions were dissolved I poured the dye solution into the salt solution and stirred away until thoroughly mixed.
  6. Next step was to add the damp white jeans into the mixture and stir well for 15 mins. After stirring for 15 mins I let the fabric sit in the dye for 45 mins and kept stirring after every 10 mins.
  7. When the 45 mins had elapsed I removed the jeans from the mixture and rinsed with cold water until the water run clear. Once the rinse was complete I chucked them into the washing mashing and washed my jeans as normal.
  8. Once washed I dried my jeans away from direct heat and sunlight.
dylon4   dylon5  

 As you can see the jeans came out amazing!!! They are a true Jeans Blue colour and they do not have any patchy areas which I absolutely love. I just can't believe that I achieved such a great finish just from using hand dyes because trust me I was a litlle scetical. I am so happy I decided to dye these jeans blue and cant wait to wear them. I'll definitely be getting more wear out of them now that they're in a colour that I find easy to work into my wardrobe. What do you guys think of the finished look? Do you like them this colour? I'd also love to know what ways you guys ucyle your items. Leave a comment below. Talk soon xx

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Chileshe says:

I need to try this dye honestly! You’re doing a great job with it x

tashpantz says:

Thank you Hun. And yes you should! They have so many great dyes x

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