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I have been in the strangest headspace the past few days. I have just been feeling very down, very anxious and just second guessing myself and where I'm at as well as where I want to go. This is not new, this has happened before and it's bound to happen again unfortunately because guess what? I'm human! I go through the same emotions that everyone else goes through and I do not always have a sunny disposition or a great life despite my Instagram pictures portraying otherwise.

I am not the "wallow in self pity" type and I'm a problem solver by nature. Must be the Capricorn in me but when something is not quite right I just have to fix it. So when I feel a little down and out there's a few things I do to feel more positive and to try and have a sunny outlook. You know, be more glass half full rather than glass half empty.

Say a prayer or read the bible

I'm a Christian and to me God is my greatest comfort and his word is like a great big hug when I'm down. I just remind myself of the promises in his word and what he's done for me this far and I just feel much better. I get not everyone is religious but this is the equivalent of going to your happy place and reminding yourself of those times you thought you wouldn't make it but did. That will always encourage you to move on because if you found that strength then, you can find it again.

Have some "ME" time

Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself and have a well earned break! Have a long soak in the tub, paint your nails, watch that movie you've had saved on your list on Netflix or go for a walk. Just do something by yourself that will centre you and make you feel good again.

Write a gratitude list

It's so easy to focus on what we don't have rather than what we do have. Write a list of what you have and what you're thankful for. This could be the people in your life or the things you've achieved. Trust me it's so heart warming to see a list of all the amazing things you have and it also helps not to take them for granted.

Work out

Granted I haven't done this in a while but a good session at the gym always has me feeling better. It is scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins which help to perk you right up. So get exercising and I guarantee it'll have you feeling a whole lot more positive.

Surround yourself with good people

Having a good support system will really help you to have a more positive outlook. This also goes for making sure you ditch those negative people in your life. Believe me when I say that not every friend (and sometimes even family member) has your best interests at heart and these type of people have to go.  I'm so lucky to have great friends and an amazing boyfriend who always make me feel better when I'm feeling down. Taking time out to spend with them or speak to them and get a few things off my chest helps me feel lighter and I suggest you do the same with your good friends and family.

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 I hope these few tips help you guys feel a whole lot better whenever you're feeling blue. They certainly help me out and I'd love it if they could do the same for anyone else that needs a little pick me up today or ever. Also please share your tips in the comments below on how you try and feel more positive. Let's all help and support each other!! Talk soon xx

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