Not All That Glitters Is Gold


Not all that glitters is gold. I'm sure we've all heard this statement before right? It simply means not everything is as it appears to be. Lord knows I am trying to tell myself this statement more and more these days. Especially with social media constantly bombarding me with images of people making everything look so darn easy! Like seriously, I constantly have to remind myself that I don't know what's going on behind the scenes in that person's life so I don't have to feel shit about myself. I don't have to beat myself up about not having what they have or not being where they are in their life, relationship or career.

Everyone's journey on this earth is different and some of us will have more detours and struggles than others. That's just the way it is. Rather than be bitter and resentful, I chose to be positive. I chose to be focused on my patch of grass over here and not that person's grass over there. I have found that the more I do this I feel more motivated, more inspired and most importantly I feel happier.

For the first time in a long time I am actually living in the present and not dwelling over the past. I'm enjoying today and worrying less about tomorrow and I tell you, there's nothing more freeing. Now I'm not saying be irresponsible and don't plan for the future. I'm simply saying that you should live in the moment a bit more; your moment. Don't let comparison steal your joy. Don't let people's images and likes on social media fool you either. Yes they may just be living the most amazing lives ever which is great but maybe, just maybe, what's happening behind the scenes is completely different. Truth is you'll never know so why not just focus on yourself and work on being the most amazing, successful and happy you that you can be!

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Nissi says:

Amen to that! It wears you you down comparing yourself to others. Sometimes it’s just reminding ourselves of it.

tashpantz says:

Yes!’totally wears you down and it’s very unproductive. X

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