The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift With Prezzy Box


So it's that time again. The build up to the most ostentatious day of the year; Valentine's day! And before anyone says I'm calling it ostentatious because I'm bitter, lonely and single erm... wrong, wrong and wrong again. I'm not single. In fact I have an amazing boyfriend called Marcus and this February the 14th we'll be celebrating our second Valentine's day together so there! Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with getting gifts on Valentine's day. I mean if I could get a gift everyday, I'd be all for it. I just think it's a little bit cringe-worthy to post what you got online to total strangers that don't give a shit. But Hey that's just me.


Me and Marcus aren't really into the whole gift giving thing I won't lie, it's just not us. We don't exchange gifts at Christmas or Valentines day and prefer to give gifts on birthdays and spontaneously throughout the year when the other person least expects it. We value the gift of each other's time over everything else and when we do give each other something it's guaranteed to be sentimental and thoughtful. That's why I thought a postcode jigsaw from Prezzy Box would be the perfect gift for our second Valentine's Day. I know a jigsaw doesn't scream romance but it's the perfect gift for us because it's something we can do together and it's also sentimental. Once it's completed this jigsaw will reveal right at it's centre, a place here in Birmingham that is very special to me and Marcus. How awesome it that?

Granted this is a bit of a spoiler for Marcus (sorry babe) because now he knows what he's getting for Valentine's day but I'm sure he doesn't mind because the real gift for both of us will be avoiding the over crowded restaurants and staying in to sip some wine and completing this puzzle to reveal a very special and memorable place. I honestly couldn't think of anything better.

*Postcode Jigsaw - Prezzy Box

I highly recommend a postcode jigsaw if you're looking for a non-generic gift to give your other half this Valentine's day. You can customise it with a place that's totally unique to you and your partner and you can pick between an aerial view or a landranger view. There is also the option for either a 255 piece jigsaw or a 400 piece jigsaw for even more hours of fun (or arguments depending on how you and your partner work together)! Personally I think it would also make a great anniversary, birthday or house warming present so I wouldn't limit it as just a Valentine's Day present.

If jigsaws aren't your cup of tea, I suggest checking out Prezzy box for other great and unique presents for both guys and girls. They seriously have quite a selection ranging from funny to quirky. Finally, I hope that we all enjoy Valentine's day no matter what we do, whether we're single or madly in love and whether or not we enjoy 'BoyDidGood' and 'LuckyGirl' hashtags (I hate them! sorry not sorry).


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