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It's three more days until Valentine's Day! Are you getting annoyed by all the TV adverts and heart themed everything in the shops yet? I know I am. And this is despite me being one half of a couple lol. I just hate how much emphasis the first half of February puts on romantic love and quite frankly alienates all the singletons out there. Having been single during Valentine's Day before, I know just how awful and depressing it can feel if you don't have a significant other. It can feel super lonely and that's why for today's post I wanted to do something different. I wanted share and celebrate what makes me happy outside of my relationship. I want to show that February isn't just about 'Valentine's day' but about falling in love with yourself!

My Feb Love

So what makes me happy? As cheesy as this sounds, the simple things in life make me happy. I love lie ins, I love watching Netflix in bed, I love playing silly games with my sister, I love cooking and baking at home and I love my own company. Anyone who knows me would definitely describe me as an extrovert but those who know me even better will know that I absolutely love my own company. I just love doing me for a few hours and not having to worry about someone else's needs. It's incredibly satisfying and extremely important in my opinion.

Another one of my great loves is my blog, no surprises there. I just love having this platform where I can share my thoughts and ideas about fashion and life and in turn connect with so many different people. It brings me so much joy when people leave me lovely comments and send me emails and messages detailing how I helped them with a fashion dilemma or inspired them in some small way. I have a sense of purpose from blogging and its so gratifying knowing that little old me typing away in my bedroom is making a difference to someone's day. Even if it's just for 5 minutes.

Falling For Me

A lot of us are quick to outline what we don't like about ourselves. Whether it be the extra weight we're carrying, our shyness or lack of ability in a certain area. How many of us actually take time to say, "you know what? I like this about myself" how many of us talk to ourselves with love? I don't mean in an arrogant or narcissistic way but as a gentle reminder that despite having some things we aren't particularly doing cartwheels about, we have some great attributes too.

I love my strength. I am one of the strongest people you'll ever meet! Not physically strong but mentally and emotionally and if you knew me and my story you'd understand why this is the case. I've experienced some of the worst things in life from great losses to adversities but I'm still here. I believe that every adversity I've ever experienced has shaped my character and only made me more resilient and determined in life. God doesn't give average battles to his greatest warriors and honestly that's how I see myself; as a great warrior. I'm strong, I'm loving, I'm compassionate and extremely intuitive and these are just a few of the qualities about myself that I love along with being extremely easy on the eye and funny as hell.

Share The Love

So I've shared what I love about life and what I love about myself. Now I challenge you guys to do the same! As Valentine's day approaches I want every single one of us to reflect on what makes us happy and make time to do it! I want us to remind ourselves of our favourite attributes whatever they may be and talk to ourselves with love.

It's time we all realised that February is about more than Just Valentine's Day. There's a whole lot more to this month than couples, heart shaped chocolate boxes and receiving a dozen red roses. Romantic love is great but trust me self love is even better!

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's day whatever you do; single or taken and if you feel like sharing let me know what you've got planned in the comments. You can also let me know on Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #MyFebLove!

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