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Mondays can be a bit of a drag, let's face it. I know that I'm definitely not a fan of them at the best of times. However, when you throw in delicious pizza at £5 I may just reconsider my stance on Mondays all together. Hence why I'm sharing with you my experience at Strada Birmingham and their amazing #PizzaMondays deal in the hopes of brightening up your Monday.

Strada Mailbox Birmingham

I had the pleasure of visiting Strada a couple of weeks ago with my blogger babe Hannah and it was a first for the both of us. Considering the number of times we've both walked through Birmingham's Mailbox it actually comes as a surprise that neither of us had visited before. Nevertheless, we were both excited for our visit and couldn't wait to tuck into some delicious Pizza.

We arrived at Strada Mailbox Birmingham, just after 3pm on a Thursday afternoon and we immediately noticed that the restaurant had lovely outside patio-style seating. I remember us both exchanging some chatter about how it would be lovely to sit outside during a summertime visit. We continued to walk inside and it was hard not to notice the simple yet elegant and modern decor and seating which stretched over two floors.

It was not long before we were greeted by a lovely woman called Tamara who was so friendly and welcoming. She asked us if we had any preference on where we sat and of course we requested an upstairs window booth for all that amazing light as we intended to take pictures (#bloggerproblems). Tamara sat us down and left us with some menus which we both eagerly looked through. The menu was extensive and had something on there for everyone from bread and olives to form favourites like pizza and pasta. There was also a great selection of risotto dishes and a great selection of fish, meat and salads. I also like that the menu catered to specific dietary requirements such as for gluten free and vegetarian diners and Tamara also informed us of vegan meals being in the works.

          It was not long after we were sat down with our menus before Tamara was back to take our orders. We decided to start with the sharing Antipasti which consisted of  prosciutto, spianata piccante, salami, mortadella, baby mozzarella, semi-dried tomatoes, avocado, bread and olives. We also ordered a couple of glasses of rose and some water to accompany our starters. For our main courses we both decided to go with pizza and I went for the spicy Vesuvio pizza while Hannah opted for the Cotto Ham & Funghi pizza. We also couldn't resist the fries and we ordered a portion to share with our mains. Our starters arrived in good time and everything on the plate looked so delicious and fresh. I particularly enjoyed the bread and pesto which I could have personally had more of. The sun dried tomatoes and the prosciutto also had so much flavour and awakened the taste buds before our mains arrived. Everything on the plate tasted absolutely amazing and I must say it was the best Antipasti I'd ever had. It had a great selection of meats and nibbles and was the perfect size for sharing. It filled us up just enough to get us excited about our mains but not so much that we'd be too full to enjoy the next course.      

After we were done with our starter, our plates were cleared away and our mains were presented. If you like a real Italian pizza characterised by a thin, crispy and light base then you will love the pizza at Strada. Their pizzas are made with slow proved dough for extra flavour and are baked in a stone oven for an extra crispy base. They are also topped with fresh produce sourced in Italy which is brought in on a daily basis. You are definitely guaranteed to find a pizza that tickles your taste buds from their selection but in the off chance that you don't, you could always make your own with their huge selection of fresh toppings.

As stated above I went for the Vesuvio pizza which is a lovely spicy pizza topped with pepperoni, smashed Nduja sausage, red chillies, tomatoes, mozzarella and smoked peppers. If you love your spice then this is definitely the pizza for you. It has a nice smoky and spicy flavour which is not so overpowering that it has you reaching for your water after every bite. It is well balanced and full of flavour. Hannah went for the Cotto Ham & Funghi pizza which was topped with tomato, mozzarella, Cotto ham, brown cap mushrooms, Kalamata olives and fresh oregano. It was also very full of flavour and the saltiness of the ham was well balanced by the acidity of the mozzarella and the olives.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our pizzas and ate every last morsel off our plates. By the time we were done with our mains we were so full that we had no room for desert but we did quickly glance through the desert menu which had a great selection. It had options including Italian favourites such as panna cotta, tiramisu and polenta cake. I will definitely be trying out a dessert on my next visit. I have my eye on the chocolate fondant which is one of my favourite desserts ever.

Pizza Mondays

So as today is Monday, it wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention Strada's pizza Mondays which is all about £5 pizzas after 12pm every Monday. I mean what better way is there to cheer up your Monday than to stuff your face with delicious authentic Italian pizza? You can go along just to dine in for a pizza or if you're feeling extra peckish you could treat yourself to a lovey starter and dessert too (which will cost you extra by the way). I will definitely be making use of this offer if I find myself close to a Strada on a Monday while this offer lasts.

I hope you all enjoyed this short review and I hope it helped brighten up your Monday some. If you'd like to keep up with Strada's new menu releases and offers make sure you check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter. I'm also curious to know in the comments below if you've visited Strada before and what your thoughts were so get sharing. Happy Monday loves!

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Our meal was complimentary but all views and opinions are my own.

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