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Well hello there folks! It's me Natasha, I hope you haven't forgotten me. I wouldn't blame you if you have. After all it has been exactly 23 days since My February Love post which is about 100 years in blogging time. Yes, I took a long unintended hiatus from the blog and I haven't been that consistent on social media either. Sorry not sorry.

So why have I been away you ask? I would love to give you some spiel of how life got so hectic and prevented me from blogging. At the very least I'd love to tell you I've been up to some very exciting stuff in the time I've been absent. Unfortunately that would be a lie and over here we keep it real! Truth is I just didn't have content for you guys. I was uninspired, demotivated and generally feeling detached from my blog. I just decided to let it be until the blogging bug bit me again. Luckily it only took three weeks as opposed to three months or longer. Thanks blogging bug.


I know as a blogger and a social media influencer the idea of taking time away from your platforms can be quite daunting. It can feel like total internet suicide but I'm here to tell you that it's okay. Yes your followers might dwindle a bit, engagement may lag behind a little; but you know what "IT'S NOT BY FORCE" as the Nigerian's say. I'd rather put out content when it feels natural rather than force myself to produce something just for the sake. I perform my best when I'm not feeling pressured by the social constructs of the world wide web. That's why a lot of my posts aren't pre-planned. If they are it's just very loosely to give me the wiggle room I need to still feel creative.

My platforms are an extension of my personality. And just as I cannot be expected to give of myself day to day without eventually depleting my energy; the same can be said for blogging. I do eventually run out of ideas and where to look for them. I eventually clear my stash of pictures for the gram and have nothing to post. Shit happens! Rather than frantically searching around my room for things to shoot or blog in order to make my daily Instagram quota or keep to my blog schedule I Just stop. I take a time out and just do normal day to day things until a time comes when I'm inspired. That's how I choose to run things over here and that's okay. My blog is a joy and when I feel like it's becoming a chore I have no qualms with taking a few steps back and re-evaluating things. You shouldn't either.

Shirt - Boohoo (similar) | Trousers - Missguided (alternatives here & here) | Shoes - H&M (alternatives)

I'm sure there's a point in this somewhere. I'll land on it eventually but what I'm really trying to say is that I'm back! I am not sorry for being away for so long because it's my prerogative to do so if I so choose. It is my blog after all right? Your love and support in my absence is greatly appreciated but I no longer want to feel like I'm doing wrong or feel like crap if I'm away for a time. I want to make sure I give you guys the best of me always and in order to do that it means that I will take time out if I need to. I only ask that you be patient with me when I do. Just know that I do it so as to be the best I can be for you guys. I mean how else will I produce dope outfits and posts like this if I don't refuel those all important creative juices?

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Photos By Hannah Court


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Shannon Kara says:

This is simply the reality sometimes. I’m kind of at this point right now, but as you said, blogging shouldn’t be forced. It’s best when it’s natural. I haven’t posted to my insta in 2-3 days, my blog in a week and at first I was conscious, but I actually am not that bothered by it anymore. Who’s coming to arrest me? LOL

Shannon //

tashpantz says:

Exactly! In the words of Sheree Whitfield “WHO GON CHECK ME BOO!?” Xx

Alisha Dandy says:

Love this Natasha! I can totally relate to this at times and I think it’s so important for us to talk about it and realise that taking a break isn’t a bad thing.

tashpantz says:

I’m glad you relate to this Alisha! And yes it’s totally important to have discussions about this type of stuff in the blogging community and letting each other know that we go through the same doubts, fears and periods of feeling uninspired. So glad you enjoyed this. Xx

Chloe-Rose says:

Your outfit is incredible!!! Loved reading this and can’t wait to see more!!

tashpantz says:

Thank you Chloe! Glad you enjoyed it xx

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