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I mentioned not too long ago in my packing for a weekend staycation post that nails and nail grooming weren't my strong point. I just never seem to have time to tend to my claws at home and when I do actually spend some time on them, the results don't seem to last very long. This is why I'm all for gel manicures. They're quick and painless and the gel polish lasts up to 3 weeks. Now you know this is right up my street because I'm a very low maintenance girl. I tried my first gel manicure a couple of weeks ago and I was totally in love! The process was quick and the results lasted me two weeks before my nails started growing out and even then the polish was still in tact.

Now normally I would have stretched my gel manicure out for at least another week but as I announced in my H.A.P.P.Y. post; I recently got engaged and with that comes people wanting to see your ring and consequently your hands and nails so I had to get my digits in order. Fate would have it that I had been contacted by a company called Blow Ltd and I was invited to try out a complementary service in the comfort of my own home. I booked in for a gel manicure and it just so happened that my appointment fell on the day after I got engaged. Perfect timing or what?


If you've never heard of Blow Ltd then you'll be happy to know that Blow is a website and a handy app where you can order beauty services done by tested and vetted professionals in the comfort of your own home. Services you can order include blow dries, manicures and makeovers all at very good value for money. With service providers available from 7am through to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 7am to 6pm on Sundays, Blow Ltd is convenient and hassle free and the perfect solution for any of your last minute beauty needs. It definitely was in my case.

Classic Pedicure & Gel Manicure With Blow Ltd.

As I mentioned previously I had opted to go for a gel manicure on my finger nails but when my nail technician Lucy arrived I also thought that I would opt in for a classic pedicure with Vinlylux polish on my toe nails. Lucy arrived right on time for our 9:30am appointment and she came fully prepared with all her equipment and required only a table to set up, some water for the foot spa and some sockets to plug in her equipment which I had at the ready when she arrived. We set up in my dinning room and began the treatments straight away starting with my classic pedicure.

Lucy went through the common steps you would expect to get in a nail salon. She soaked and softened my feet then proceeded to remove my nail varnish which was on its last legs. I was also treated to a foot scrub and had the dead skin buffed off my feet before Lucy began with the nail portion of the treatment. My cuticles were pushed back and clipped, nails were filed and buffed and she began to paint my nails. The Vinlylux polish she used on my toe nails was called Flora and Fauna and it was a lovely mauvy-nude which complimented my skin tone beautifully. This polish also had a base coat built in which made the pedicure that little bit quicker. Win! I was totally in love with the finished result.


While Lucy was tending to my toes, she placed my fingers in acetone to soak off my previous gel manicure. When she was done with my toe nails she began with my finger nails. The first step was to scrape off my previous gel polish and to do so safely so as not to damage my nails. After the polish was scraped off Lucy cleaned off my nails and began to push back and clip my cuticles in preparation for a fresh gel manicure. My nails were then cleaned, filed, buffed and shaped in preparation for my favourite part which is the colour. There were so many great shades to choose from and ideally I would have matched my toes to my fingers. Unfortunately the Vinylux polish I had used on my toes was unavailable in a gel option. I settled for a gel polish in the shade Wild Fox which was very similar to Flora and Fauna. The only difference was that Flora and Fauna was more on the pink side and had a little bit of shimmer in it.

Lucy started with a base coat and then had me cure my nails under the lamp while she did the same on my other hand. After the base coat was applied she proceeded to lay on two coats of the polish on each hand and had me cure my nails in between each application to set the polish. She then followed up with a top coat to seal everything in and that was the colour application done. Lucy also made sure to apply some cuticle oil to my nails to keep my cuticles at bay and also finished up with some lotion and gave me some tips on how to make my manicure last as long as possible. Some of the tips included wearing gloves when cleaning and doing the dishes and avoiding hand creams with lanolin and also avoiding really hot water.


I found the whole process to be quick and easy. The service also matched if not exceeded previous services I've received at salons. Lucy was attentive and thorough and it also helped that she was super friendly and easy to talk to which made the time go by even quicker. I was happy with both treatments and especially happy that I got to get both right in the comfort of my own home. What could be better than that eh?

If you live in and around Birmingham, London or Manchester I definitely suggest trying out Blow Ltd. If you have an upcoming event or occasion I promise you that you will not be disappointed if you opt for Blow Ltd to get you ready. If you do decide to try out any of their services you can book in via their website or their app and you can get yourself £20 off your first treatment with the code EV20 (valid until 31st August). Do let me know down below if you get to try out one of their services. I would love to know your thoughts on your fast beauty with Blow Ltd.

Would you use this service and if so what treatments would you use it for?      
*Blow Ltd offered me a complimentary treatment of my choice but all thoughts and views are completely my own*


Meilifisayo says:

Looks like you were definitely pampered. And the looks gorge so does your nails. Xxx

I need to treat myself to a mani/pedi more often and if they can come to my home even better! I love the nudey colour you chose and your ring is popping! – x

tashpantz says:

Yes treat yourself girl! I highly recommend doing this! And thanks hun, the boy did good x

Your pedicure and manicure look so good and professionally done! It’s so great that you managed to get a salon treatment in the comfort of your own home. I have to give them a try! And congratulations once again on the engagement babe x

tashpantz says:

Thank you so much hun x

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