Kipling, My Christmas Heroes


It's officially four more sleeps until Santa comes down the chimney! Woop Woop!

Like seriously where has the year gone? It feels like it was just yesterday that I was counting down into 2017 and now, BAM! It's almost 2018. The year has really flown and there's nothing like Christmas peeking it's head round to remind you that the year is well and truly coming to an end. In my case however; there's nothing like Christmas rearing it's head round to jolt you into the reality that you're so behind on your Christmas shopping. I am so behind on my Christmas shopping guys to the point that I am literally breaking out in a nervous sweat just thinking about it. Numerous attempts have been made at starting but each time my efforts are futile and I'm right back at square one with zero presents in hand. Thank God for my heroes at Kipling however; who must have sensed it in the air that their girl was in dyer need of some prezzies because they kindly sent me some fab bags that I'll definitely be gifting his Christmas.

*Kipling Hip Hurray 
*Kipling Gleam Bag

I'm not going to lie, I would love to keep these bags for myself because A) they're fab and B) I'm bag poor and could really do with adding a few more bags to my collection. However, it's not all about me and I know who in my life would love and appreciate these two fab bags. Lucky for me they don't even read my blog (I don't think) and they will have no idea that these two beauties are going to be new members of their bag collection.



The first bag is the amazing Gleam printed bag which comes in 5 different fab prints. I chose the floral night print which I love because of the purple colour enhanced with black and red. This bag is simply irresistable and is the perfect bag to store anything from makeup, brushes or pens and pencils. Compact, lightweight and portable this cute bag fits right into your handbag or schoolbag and makes the perfect gift for men, women, grown folks or kiddies.

I just love the versatility of this cute bag and it also comes with a cute fury monkey keycharm which you can choose to keep on the bag or add to your bunch of keys. I just know that the person I have in mind to give this to will love this bag and will definitely put it to great use. Who in your life would you gift the printed gleam bag to?



The second bag is my personal favourite because it is the sassiest tote I've ever seen. It comes in 8 different colours and folds into a handy portable pouch that you can keep in your bag, car or kitchen drawer for safe storage. I naturally gravitated to the black tote with beige accents when it came to picking this bag but as I mentioned it comes in an array of colours to suit all tastes.

It's size is also another tick on my checklist because I love a roomy bag and I also love that it has a seperate secure zipped pocket on the inside to store your monies and cards. It is also water resistant and light weight which makes it a perfect all year round tote. I absolutely love this tote and would feel super sassy carrying around my ASDA shopping in this. Who would you gift this handy, super sassy tote to for Christmas?

I hope you enjoyed me sharing my Christmas day saviours from Kipling and if you're like me and would like to bag yourself one of Kipling's amazing bags (no pun intended) to gift this season; make sure you check out their website and select their express delivery option to get it in time for crimbo. You can also find Kipling in House Of Fraser if you find yourself near to one and on Amazon. Happy Shopping!

*This post is sponsored by Kipling Global*

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