It's been just over a week since I came back from my 4 month extended trip to Zambia. 1 week, 3 days to be exact but who's counting. I honestly feel like I've been back for so much longer. and that's probably got to do with the fact that I've been running around like a headless chicken since I got back and haven't really stopped. It's actually hilarious because just the other day I was talking to Marcus about needing a holiday and he annoyingly reminded me that I've not been back that long. Thanks babe *gives Marcus side-eye*.

But seriously, raise your hand if you find yourself waking up and dreading the day ahead because it's so jam-packed with all the things you have to do. My hand is firmly in the air because for the past week that's how I've felt every single morning. And just to give you an idea of what I have on my plate... Currently unemployed and looking for a job, got so much blog work coming in that I'm literally dreaming about content (I kid you not I had a dream about a collab I'm working on and woke up in a cold sweat), Christmas is around the corner which just adds another level of panic for some reason, my birthday is straight after that and oh yeah got a list as long as my arm of things I want to do before the end of January including making a start on wedding planning and starting my driving lessons.


I know this really resembles a moan and sounds like a moan but I promise you I'm not moaning. I have to catch myself every morning and say "Tasha it's a blessing to be busy". For the longest time I hoped and prayed for these things and now that they're here I don't want to waste my time moaning about them but instead I'm just going to enjoy these first world problems. They really are first world problems and when looked at in the grand scheme of things they're not bad problems to have... Well maybe the being unemployed one is kinda bad especially when you want to buy a house and have a wedding to pay for but guess what, I'm still smiling. Like a crazy, deranged, sleep deprived person but smiling nonetheless. I know I'll get it all done somehow; always do. It's called the grace of God but you can call it the universe aligning, power of attraction or whatever it is y'all believing these days.

I mean I'm planning the rest of my life with my best friend, how awesome is that? That in itself is mind blowing to me because up until I met Marcus I thought about marriage as something on a list constructed by society that would be kinda cool if it happened but if it didn't... meh. I had never so much as imagined myself in a wedding dress let alone what my wedding venue would look like but now I'm that girl with wedding Pinterest boards and who spends many hours a day watching wedding series on Youtube. And since I'm being hella candid I'll even admit that I was doing this even before he popped the question LOL. Call it sad but I knew me and Marcus would end up here and to put it the eloquent words of the great Chaka Khan it's because "Ain't nobody love me better."


Anyway enough of the gushing let me bring it right back to what I'm actually trying to say. It's a blessing to be busy. Especially when the things that are making you busy are things that get you excited about life, things that you are passionate about and things that put that extra pep in your step on a daily basis. And yes it is true our generation is the generation that glorifies being busy and that wears the words "omg I'm so busy" like some type of badge of honour but let's face it; not all BUSY is GOOD BUSY. Let me elaborate.... Busy scrolling through Instagram when you have an assignment you should really crack on with (guilty!) NOT GOOD BUSY. Are you too busy to go hang out with your friends but really you're just in your jim jams watching OITNB (guilty again)... NOT GOOD BUSY. Perhaps you're too busy to hang out with your friends because you're putting in those extra hours at work to get that promotion... GOOD BUSY. Too busy to hang out with your freinds because you promised yourself you'd dedictae a few hours a day to your blog, business or whatever your passion is... you guessed it GOOD BUSY!

Speaking as someone who's said they're busy on numerous occassions when really the real reason was I was feeling lazy, I was broke and didn't want to say or the next episode of Scandal was seemingly more appealling than spending time in a person's company; I can say I have lived in not-good-busy-ville on numerous occasions and what I've found is that I always regret being busy for all the wrong reasons but I never regret being busy when I know that I'm achieving something. That is why I'm choosing to keep an attitude of gratitude and remember that it's a blessing to be busy. I know I will reap the harvest of my hard work soon enough and I'm gonna be BOOKED & BUSY hunty!


So the next time you wake up dreading the day (tomorrow for me) just remember it's not that bad and you're blessed. Tell yourself some positive words of affirmation like "you is kind, you is smart, you is important" and get on with the day. And for all of us who ocassionally stray into not-good-busy-ville and use being busy as an excuse when it couldn't be further from the truth... Have a word with yourself. Be honest or actually get busy doing something worth while. If you don't get FOMO or guilt like me then carry on and do you boo. Each to their own. I'm not here to preach but simply to drop some gems on you this fine Friday. Anyway I got to go... I should be BUSY looking for a job so I'm out! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and this sassy outfit.

BTW how cute is this Kipling shoulder bag? Perfect colour for this season or what!?

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