Classic Individual Lashes, My Experience


False lashes; totally not my forte. Strip, individual or otherwise best believe I have had a bad experience with all of them including a time in university when I tried to get some individual eyelashes done and nearly went blind (okay that may be a slight exaggeration but at the time I did seriously think my eyes were done for). It takes me about 30 minutes (on a good day) to put a pair of strip lashes on and it is the most frustrating thing and at this point I don't even know why I still bother. The problem is my eyelashes are super curly and they almost curl back on themselves that its so difficult to place a pair of strip lashes close to my lash line, especially when I attempt to do this myself.  I actually came to a point where I'd sort of mastered how to do it but the amount of time it takes is very off putting and I usually end up settling for a good mascara instead. Mascara makes my eyelashes visible and they look decent but it doesn't do much for creating fun looks and drama.

I had always been apprehensive about trying out individual lashes again after my bad experience but when a lovely lady called Carly contacted me on Instagram for a set of individual lashes in exchange for this review I thought I'd try having them done again. She seemed very lovely and she was just starting out with her lash business in the Birmingham area and as I love to support young women doing it for themselves I decided I'd give her a chance. This post is up so it's indication enough that everything went very well and I just wanted to share my experience with you guys.



Carly had informed me beforehand that the process would take between 2 and 2 and half hours and to make sure I had no makeup on and that I hadn't used any oil based products around my eyes. I arrived at her house for my appointment makeup-free and lashes looking as bald as Bruce Willis and we chatted for a bit while having a cup of tea. Carly talked me through what would be going on throughout the process and at this point we also discussed what type of lashes I wanted. Being a novice at individual lashes I thought it would be best if I started out with something natural so we chose some lashes that weren't too long but that closely matched the curl pattern of my lashes. When that was done, I got into place and Carly began working her magic.

She started by taping down my bottom lashes to prevent them from getting in the way and to also prevent any glue from getting on to them - the last thing I needed was my top lashes being glued to my bottom lashes. The process was easy enough and we did have a few escapee bottom lashes but Carly just taped them down again until all my bottom lashes were safely out of the way. After taping the lashes down Carly then drew on to the tape to map out the lengths she would be using in each section. This is to make sure both eyes are even and to get a shape that suits my natural eye shape. With all the preliminary bits done it was finally time to start the gluing process and Carly made sure to tell me to try and keep my eyes closed through out the gluing process. This is to prevent the glue from getting into my eyes which would cause stinging and discomfort.


After an hour into the process my eyelashes were beginning to take shape. You can see the huge difference by comparing the above and below pictures. My eyelashes were more visible, longer and had an amazing curl at only half way. It took an hour to get to this half way point but time seemed to go by very quickly. This is because Carly did a great job at keeping me comfortable during the process and we also chatted as she worked and got to know each other a bit. She was very professional and constantly asked if I was okay, if I needed anything and if I needed a break. I think it's so important to feel comfortable with your procedure and with your technician whenever you get anything done cosmetically. Especially when you can't see the step by step progress and put yourself at ease. Carly did an absolutely amazing job at keeping me comfortable and the process was completely smooth and pain free.


After 2 hours the process was complete and I went from having bald looking Bruce Willis lashes to having full and flirty curly lashes. The lashes were really comfortable and didn't feel foreign and heavy as can be the case sometimes with false eyelashes. I was so happy with them when I finally saw them and I loved that the shape and length suited my eye shape and weren't over exaggerated. I was also extremely happy that they looked super natural because ultimately, that was the look I was going for. They final result was my lashes but better and who doesn't want that? I will definitely be trying something a little bit more dramatic in the future now that I know that I can have individual lashes done without almost being blinded but I'd love to know what do you guys think of these natural looking classic individual lashes?


I am so glad I took a chance on Carly and I will definitely be returning to get my lashes done by her again in the future. Anyone that can make my lashes look this good is some sort of magician and I recommend that you check her out if you live in the Birmingham area and are ever on the market for some individual lashes. I left Carly's feeling like a million dollars and I also love that she sent me off with some aftercare instructions to help me get the longest and best wear out of my lashes. Some of the aftercare instructions included using only water based makeup products and makeup removers and avoiding waterproof mascara.


I haven't needed to use mascara with these lashes on and they have been so comfortable and low maintenance while I've had them on. I sleep okay with them on and they don't look crazy in the morning which is great and my only complaint is not being able to use my oil based cleansers which you guys know I love. However, it's a relatively small price to pay for awesome lashes which are ultimately temporary. The life span of these lashes varies depending on the individual and how well they are looked after but typically a refill may be needed in 2-3 weeks time. I'm currently at the one week mark and I've only had 2 lashes fall out which I've seen for myself and my eyelashes are still looking fab!

Get in touch with Carly via Instagram if this post has given you lash-envy and do let me know in the comments below if you've tried out individual lashes before. Did you like them? How long did they last and would you recommend them?

*Carly offered me a complimentary treatment but all opinions are my own*


Kristie says:

These look so natural! I’ve had bad experiences with false eyelashes too. But this makes me want to change my mind. Plus, no mascara sounds like a dream!

Natasha FS. says:

No mascara is the absolute dream. No fuss with it putting it on and no hassle with taking it off! X

Stephylately says:

The end result is fantastic. I love the fact that it looks natural . My only problem is 2 whole hours is too long for me . So for now my strip lashes will do . Have a great weekend.x

Natasha FS. says:

Lol yes it’s a very long time but that’s coz she has to put the extension on to every single eyelash and I have a lot lol xx

ZaraLouU says:

Ok these look and sound amazing. Might need to hit Carly up!! I’m a novice too so this as such an informative post!!

Natasha FS. says:

They really are! You should hit her up she’s brilliant x

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