New Me Or New Attitude?


Thank God It's Friday!!! I've had an absolutely exhausting but amazing week and I am so looking forward to the weekend so that I can rest and recoup. I'm 5 days into my new job and I feel absolutely amazing about where I am and I actually feel like I'm learning and getting things  really well.  It's so amazing because if you had asked me when I was in school or uni what I thought I'd be doing for a job, i wouldn't have mentioned either of the two jobs I have today. Not in a million years!

Often times we hear that life doesn't always turn out how we picture it and majority of the time this is meant negatively. I'm glad that my life didn't turn out how I thought because even though I've found myself in places and situations in my life that I would have never dreamed of; I believe that I was meant to go through those things and end up right where I am today. I know this for a fact because I'm the happiest that I've been in a very long time and even though getting to this point has not been easy it's been so very worth it. I've learnt so much and grown up a tonne and I'm actually feeling like after 28 years and 1 month of life; I'm starting to get my life in order. I have this new found lease on life and I feel like a whole new me.

*Backpack - Kipling Global

New Me!?

Is this a case of the infamous "New Year, New Me?" Not at all! Nothing is new about me this year except my attitude and maybe a few new bits like this *backpack from Kipling Global. Other than that it's still the same old Tasha; just revamped and with a whole new attitude. I'm more grateful for what I have and where I am - and even on days where I have a wobble and begin to moan I say to myself "Remember when you wanted what you have now?" That usually gets me right out of whatever funk I'm in and puts me straight back on to the right path.

I have a whole new attitude of gratitude that I am trying very hard to have in all situations. It has really helped appreciate not only where I am now but also where I've been. It's allowed me to avoid looking at things and situations in isolation but to look at them in the grand scheme of things. It's also taught me a lot about perspective and how I can control how I see things. I'm actually becoming more of a Positive Patty these days and shedding my Negative Nancy title that I've gained over the years and it actually feels so good!


I'm so ready for what this new year has in store for me and I'm excited about all the adventures I'm going to embark on. I mean it's only February and I've worked with some of my favourite brands, started a full time job and secured an opportunity for later on this year that I never thought was possible for little ol' me! It's truly amazing what you can do when you have the right mindset and the right attitude and if this is what can happen after changing my attitude for 2 short months, heaven only knows what will happen if I carry this on for the next 10. I'm truly excited to find out and I hope you can join me along for the ride.

I know this was a bit of a rambly post without a specific direction or point but I guess I was just in that kind of mood today. I hope you enjoyed this post nonetheless and I'd love to know in the comments below what you'd love to achieve at the end of 2018.

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Eunice says:

Great post, love. Extremely proud of your accomplishments and wish you all the very best in your endeavours this year!

Natasha FS. says:

Thanks beautiful x

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