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Last week was National Fragrance Week and I'm not going to lie; I didn't know this was a thing. I only found out after The Perfume Shop invited me to their Bullring Store for a fragrance masterclass and I must say I was intrigued. I've always thought the idea of picking of a fragrance was pretty simplistic. Boy was I wrong! I was actually surprised to find out all the intricacies and work that goes into making a fragrance and I thought I'd share some of the knowledge I acquired with you guys while showing off my new Personalised Mon Guerlain perfume which smells absolutely stunning!

So first things first! If like me you thought that the idea of recommending a perfume was pretty simplistic, you'd be wrong. Not entirely wrong but there's certainly a lot more that goes into recommending a perfume than just saying "this is nice take it". The Perfume Shop staff are proper experts when it comes to recommending perfumes and the education they receive in-house is certainly proof of that. I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that their staff go through a 6-month in house perfume training course which results in a diploma. They can even take this further and earn a qualification from the Fragrance Foundation which is an international independent education body. So you can imagine when I say that the staff at The Perfume Shop know their stuff, I mean just that.


We started off the night being talked through the education side of things as well as being educated a little bit on what goes into making a perfume. We learned about the 3 main notes you get from a perfume (top, heart and base) and how these are the whiffs and smells you get from a perfume throughout the day. We also talked about the different families or categories fragrances fall into as well as how these all merge and overlap into one. I found learning about this quite interesting and it also helped that we had sweets and chocolate to nibble on and bring our senses alive as we smelled the different types of perfumes.

I'm not going to bore you with a lot of the technical stuff because we were told that the staff are trained not to use technical terms too much and to use more simplistic terms to describe perfumes which I think is great. I mean imagine going to a perfume shop and being recommended a perfume with Santalum album Linn. You'd not only freak but you'd also have no idea that Santalum album Linn is simply an essential oil in East Indian Sandalwood which is a popular scent in a lot of fragrances. I'll keep it simple for both our sake and talk about something super cool and interesting; The Micheal Edwards Fragrance Finder App.



This is an app exclusively used by The Perfume Shop and what's great about it is that it recommends perfumes for you based on a number of things. This can be based on another perfume you like, a particular ingredient/scent you like or even what kind of mood you're in. I loved using this app and through using it, I found that I enjoy fragrances from the floral-oriental family with Sandalwood being a particular favourite scent of mine. It was so amazing to start off with one of my favourite perfumes as the inspiration and end up with a variety of perfume recommendations to try out similar to it. I recommend you have a play around with the app on The Perfume Shop's website or better yet; pop into the store and talk to a member of staff who can show you how it works and recommend a great perfume for you.


I felt so lucky to not only gain all this knowledge and understanding of what goes into making and picking a perfume but also to come away with my own personalised bottle of perfume. Isn't she pretty? I couldn't resist having a bottle personalised with some engraving and I recommend making use of this service next time you're in The Perfume Shop getting yourself or a loved one a little treat. It feels oh so special and is such a great touch.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this post of me sharing a little bit of my perfume knowledge. I thought it would be great to share something a little bit different and bring you in on some of the great stuff that the people at The Perfume Shop do to make sure customers walk away with a fragrance they'll absolutely love.

Have you tried The Michael Edwards Fragrance Finder? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know your favourite perfume of all time.


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This is so cool that you got to experience this and the bottle looks gorgeous! My favourite is always Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Eau De Toilette !

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