This summer has been a summer of fashion adventures for me. I've worn yellow (who would have thank it), adorned myself in polka dots and even dabbled in florals a lot! It has definitely been the summer of pushing myself out of my comfort zone fashion-wise and trying out something different and dare I say I've absolutely enjoyed it. Those that know me know that my wardrobe and rails are full of whites, blacks, neutrals and denim and I tend to live in this area of fashion religiously. It's my comfort zone, it's easy and it's classic; and nothing beats a classic.

I'm an absolute sucker for white tops in all their forms; t-shirts, blouses and button downs. I tend to keep more than a few on rotation and I find that they make the best base for smart and casual outfits alike. I wear them to work, on date-night and even to parties paired with the right bottoms and accessories. White tops haven't failed me yet and they are the number one item of clothing I'd recommend everyone to have in their wardrobe. Fellas that goes for you too! White tops are just so clean, classic and timeless and they work for all seasons and situations. You can't go wrong.


Yes the classic white top and denim look can be seen as boring by some but there's nothing that some cool accessories can't fix. I tend to mix up a plain outfit like jeans and a white top with some funky shoes, jewellery, outerwear or bags and that seems to do the trick to inject some fun and interest into an otherwise plain outfit.

As you can see from the pictures I decided to play with another colour I've been loving this summer; yellow. I chose to pair this funky yellow Niman Fold bag from Kipling with this smart casual outfit to just elevate the look and make it fun. I just love the clash between smart casual and fun and I love how the yellow pops against the white and denim and FYI who said a backpack can't be totally "FASHUURRNN"? I love a backpack and wear one to work every single day. They're very reminiscent of school and uni but they're just so practical and fashionable these days that they seem to work with everything if worked into an outfit right.


My other half paired his classic outfit with another one of Kipling's bags but he went for the classic Onalo black duffel bag which I think complimented his outfit very well. I absolutely love these bags from Kipling's  New Classics range. It's is a range of  bags that are classic and great for everyday and unisex. this means that me and Marcus can swap our bags from time to time but I may need to get creative with bribery and coaxing because I don't think yellow is his colour. If it isn't yours either then never you mind because this range has a colour and style to suit everyone's tastes. I recommend checking the range out and treating yourself to a bag. I swear by Kipling bags and I honestly can't recommend them enough. They're so trendy, practical and sturdy and they haven't failed me yet.

What is your idea of classic style and how would you jazz up a classic but plain outfit?


*This post is sponsored by Kipling Global*

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