Summer is way way behind us (sob sob) and sad as I am, I’m totally here for the Autumn/Winter fashion that is trickling into our most loved online and high-street shops. I mean who doesn’t love a fluffy cardi, a teddy coat or a pair of sassy ankle boots? I’m a sucker for all the above and I can’t wait for my wardrobe to be filled with the best A/W fashion can offer. As much as I’d like to get stuck in now, It’s currently that in-between period where the weather doesn’t really seem to know what it wants to do with itself and in turn we don’t know what our wardrobes should look like; that oh so familiar transitional period.

*Dress - 10 Store
Cardigan - New Look
Shoes - Bershka
*Bag - Aily Official
  Transitional dressing can be a tricky affair but it really doesn’t have to be. You can still wear your beloved summer pieces that you may be struggling to let go of - simply by adding a few items to your wardrobe. Not only will these items transition your summer pieces but they will also make for a great base to start creating your Autumn/Winter looks.  



Knitwear and Blazers are may first point of call for transitional outfits because not only are they practical for the chillier weather but you can also get them in a variety of styles to match your own personal style.

I love a fluffy and soft cardigan to pair with my summer dresses and I find that these work better for me over jumpers because if I get too warm I can just take them off with ease. Blazers work well too with all types of outfits from T-shirt and denim combos to floaty slip dresses. They also give that chic, put together but effortless look which I love to rock this time of year.




Basics are an all-year-round staple. They are perfect for transitioning and they won’t set you back a lot. They work well under those slip dresses I mentioned earlier and they are perfect for layering. Whether it be a T-shirt, a blouse or button down I absolutely recommend having more than a few on hand to mix in with your summer gear and see you well into the chilly weather.

My favourite basic is a white T-shirt. Crisp, clean, easy and goes with absolutely everything. I love to wear white tees under cute tank tops and dresses to add an extra dimension (and layer) to my outfits. You won’t be short of basics on the high street and all in different styles, cuts and with varied price tags.



Footwear is not to be underestimated in the quest to transition summer clothing into autumn and winter. I love to add chunky ankle boots and dad trainers to outfits to make them a little bit more chilly-weather-friendly and I find that simply changing your footwear from slides and strappy sandals to dad trainers or boots can do wonders to make an outfit feel more transitioned. Yes we saw loads of dad trainers around over the summer and I’m happy that this trend  will be carrying over into the colder months because I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.

Boots are something I want to add more of into my wardrobe because I only have one pair of black boots which have seen better days. They are so chic and comfy and I literally live in them during colder months which means I’ve basically worn them into the ground. This year I want to be a little more adventurous with my boot choices and who knows; western boots and Dr. Martens may or may not be making an appearance in my shoe collection.



Like footwear, accessories also play an important role into transitional style. From scarves to bags to hosiery; These items can all help to make a seemingly summer outfit more suitable for cooler weather and should by all means be invested in.

I love a good pair of tights and Primark have been hooking me up for years (SHOUT OUT PRIMARNI!!!). They are great to pair with shorter dresses or skirts in order to add an extra layer when it gets cooler and also to hide unshaved legs (don’t judge me we all do it). I tend to keep it simple and go for black 40 denier tights but by all means if it suits your style go for the more elaborate styles that are out here in these streets.


I hope you enjoyed this post loves and I encourage you to try one, two or all of these tips above to help segway your summer dresses into the cold depths of Autumn and eventually Winter. I for one know I plan on living in knitwear and fluffiness for as long as necessary before the sun comes back around to grace us with it's glorious presence. Well, one can hope; this is England after all.

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