4 Trends To Rock This Autumn/Winter


Anyone that knows me will know that my wardrobe consists mainly of basics and classic pieces that I can wear all year round. I would not typically describe myself as someone who is "trend led" but like most other fashionistas out there I do like to experiment with new trends every season. The secret to how I do this is to pick trends that will fit seamlessly into my wardrobe and work with my already existing pieces. This ensures that I get the upmost wear out of each item and it also means that I don't have to break the bank each season.

For this post I thought that I'd share some of my favourite trends that are knocking about this Autumn/Winter as well as give you some tips on how you can style them to create super fun and chic looks for the colder months.



Animal print and checks have always been favourite prints of mine. They are prints that always seems to come back around and this season they have come back in a massive way. Whether it be clueless vibes, leopard, zebra or snake print; you're guaranteed to see someone in some sort of print outfit when you look on the gram, in your workplace or on the high-street. There is definitely no sign of this trend letting up anytime soon and of course I thought I'd take part in my own subtle way.

I am not quite brave enough to adorn animal or checks from head-to-toe so for me the easiest (and cheapest) way for me to inject these trends into my wardrobe is by investing in separates. I have bought a few tops and skirts in animal print and checked print over the last few weeks and I tend that I tend to style them with plain jeans and basics to not only keep the print as the star but also to make sure the print does not overwhelm my petite frame. For the outfit below I went for black jeans and sandals and injected some fun into the look with a leopard print body from Pretty Little Thing. For me this is just the right amount of animal print and having it as a separate also means that I can style it with a multitude of items. I can wear the top with a leather skirt and some tights or pair it with a chic white suit to give me that little bit of sass.

For the checked print, I kept things simple in the above pictures with a simple basic white top and black boots and I love how it all came together. It wasn't quite clueless but the print and the lovely lace-up detail on the skirt kept things fun and cute without looking like a chess board.  


Another trend that I was absolutely loving during the warmer months that has crept its way into Autumn/Winter is the slip trend. During the summer it was all about the slip dress but this season it's the slip skirt that seems to be taking centre stage. From soft silks to slippy satins this trend is in shops everywhere and I decided to brave the cold and indulge. I however, did not go out and buy a whole new skirt when I had perfectly good slip dresses from the summer in my wardrobe. I chose instead to layer a warm jumper over my skip dress and it into a concealed belt in order to give the illusion that I was in fact wearing a slip skirt. This simple trick worked a treat and I had so many people asking me where I got my skirt from.     


It wouldn't be Autumn/Winter without an outerwear trend and this year's trend is all about fluffy goodness in the form of teddy bear coats. I love this trend for the practicality of course because you can look cute while staying warm but I am also equally in love with this trend because I love soft textures. There's nothing quite like being wrapped up in something warm and soft to the touch. I have invested in a few teddy bear coats this season but this H&M faux fur one is by far my favourite. I love the oversized fit which is great for layering and I also love the collar and massive pockets. It really does feel like a hug every time I wear this coat and I recommend investing in one this season.    

What trends are you loving this Autumn/Winter and how do you wear them?


Eunice says:

This is a great post babe! Love how you’ve styled each piece and you look gorgeous in every shot.
I’m definitely loving the slip trend this season but just like you said, I’ve also kept the black slip dress I had in Summer and just layered it up for Autumn/Winter. Love the versatility!

Stephi Eliza says:

Love these outfits, that teddy coat is the cutest one I’ve seen! xx

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