A Luxury Stay At Chicheley Hall


A couple of weeks ago me and Marcus enjoyed a luxury stay at Chicheley Hall in Newport Pagnell. It was a glorious and sunny bank holiday and it was also the day after an adventure filled day at Go Ape so a lovely stay in a luxurious hotel was definitely needed.

We arrived at Chicheley Hall in the late afternoon and as we drove up the driveway towards the hotel we were amazed by the building’s grand appearance. It was beautifully set in red brick against a blue sky and carefully manicured lawns and it really did make a huge statement. We parked our car in the visitors car park and walked into the reception to sort out our booking before we were given keys to our room. We stayed in Blackett which was on the second floor and it was a huge suite with a seating area, a king size bed, a wardrobe with two accent chairs either side and of course a bathroom. It was definitely the biggest and grandest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in and I was very excited and grateful to be spending a night in such a fabulous room.

Marcus and I relaxed for a few hours before freshening up and once we were ready we took a stroll around the grounds and really took in all Chicheley Hall had to offer. We walked around the hotel and admired the amazing decor and character of the hotel and we also took a stroll outside and enjoyed the scenery which included a beautiful garden and a pond. There were even some peacocks on the grounds which were absolutely gorgeous and fitting for a place of such stature.

At around 8pm after we had worked up an appetite we walked into the dinning area and were sat down for dinner. We enjoyed a fabulous three course meal and wine while we chatted away into the night. The food was amazing and the service was even better and after we were all finished we went over into the bar area for a while before going back to our room. I had an extremely relaxing bath in the fabulous tub and then we both enjoyed a relaxing night watching TV and sipping on some wine before a fabulous night’s sleep in the king sized bed.

*Dress - Superdry
Shoes - Boohoo

I slept like a log and the following morning we both enjoyed a bit of a lie in and it was lovely to wake up gradually to the sounds of birds chirping as opposed to the usual rude awakening of a blaring alarm clock. We got ready for the day and then went downstairs for breakfast which was equally as good as dinner the night before. It was a buffet style breakfast and I of course treated myself to a full English breakfast which was delicious. Unfortunately, half way through breakfast I started to feel really ill so I left Marcus to it and went back upstairs for a lie down.

After a little post-breakfast nap it was time to start getting ready to leave and start packing away our belongings. We packed up our stuff and checked out before loading the car. We then decided to enjoy one last walk around the grounds before we said goodbye to Chicheley Hall. The weather was beautiful which made the experience all that more pleasant and after a leisurely stroll we set off on our way and watched the hotel disappear in our rear view mirror.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the fabulous Chicheley Hall and it’s definitely somewhere I’d recommend if you are after a lovely relaxing break. It’s set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city and is perfect for a weekend staycation of tranquility and relaxation. It had a full restaurant and bar on site so you need not go anywhere else for your feeding and watering needs and with staff who are so helpful and eager to help you will feel right at home. It is also the perfect backdrop to a gorgeous wedding if you’re after a wedding venue and as we were leaving, the hotel was setting up for what was sure to be a great wedding. I would definitely stay there again and would recommend it 100%. If you’d like more details on how you could book your stay at Chicheley Hall, visit their website for more details.

*Our stay, dinner and breakfast was complimentary and courtesy of Chicheley Hall. However, all opinions are my own.

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