Summer Or Nothing With Superdry #Spon


I don’t know about you, but I’m more active in the summer. There’s just something about the fabulous weather and atmosphere that makes me want to be out a lot more and do more things with my friends and family. I want to use every waking minute and squeeze the most out of the sunshine by being outdoors and doing something fun.

When Superdry contacted me and asked me to be a part of their ‘Summer or Nothing’ campaign, I was all for it. It was not just an opportunity to get me out and doing something fun but it was also an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do something I’d never done before while encouraging you all to do the same. I was invited to pick an activity to take part in that was outside of my norm and I chose an afternoon taking part in a Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape. I had never been to Go Ape before but had heard great things so me and Marcus drove down to the newly opened Coombe Abbey location which is right in the heart of Coombe Abbey Country Park in Coventry.

I was filled with enthusiasm and excitement and as I got strapped into my harness and taken around the training course I thought, “this is going to be a piece of cake!” Boy was I wrong. We had 5 courses to choose from and we started off with course number 7 which we were told was one of the hardest ones. The first part of the course was the Tarzan Swing which involved swinging at speed from a platform way above the ground into a net. Once attached to the net, we had to climb up it onto another platform and then move on to the next obstacle, and the next until we completed the course. I was so scared.

When I saw the drop below me and the net in front of me I thought “they have to be frigging kidding me!” I was pretty much ready to quit right there and then. I swallowed hard and was taken over by what I can only describe as my alter ego and swung off the platform and into that net. It was equal parts exhilarating and terrifying but I had made it and felt like if I could do this I could definitely do anything... well that was until I got to the log swings where I had another panic attack and nearly quit again. Course 7 was definitely tough. It was not only physically tasking but also very mentally challenging and emotionally draining. I was glad to be finished once we came to the end of it and I was sure I’d had enough Tree Top Adventures for one day but I pushed myself and decided to tackle another course.

The next course was number 5, an easier level of difficulty and a lot closer to the ground - thank God. It was Just what I needed. I completed the course with ease and finally began to feel excitement and joy as opposed to terror and fear. Me and Marcus even laughed and giggled as we completed the course and it was a really great bonding experience for both of us.

After completing course 5, we tackled number 8 which was by far our favourite. It comprised of zip wires all across the park and was so fun. We went higher and higher and the zip wires got faster and longer and it was truly magical as we went from tree to tree watching everyone below us looking up at us in awe. I felt like a superhero - a sweaty and tired superhero but a superhero none the less. The last course we tackled was course number 9 and it was called The Plummet. The name pretty much explains it; a 40 foot plummet to the ground attached to a bungee like cord. I was excited to try it and after conquering my fears and already doing so many things I thought I couldn’t do, I was ready. That feeling soon left me when I got to the top and saw the drop. I was like “oh hell no!” but at that point there was only one way down and I couldn’t escape it.

I was attached to the cord and given my safety briefing and then I had to walk to the end of the platform until my feet were half hanging off all without looking down. Spoiler alert - I looked down and I WAS SHOOK! I thought “this is absolutely bonkers, who the hell comes up with this stuff?” The temptation to get unstrapped and let Marcus go first just to give me a little more time to build up my courage was very real but I knew I had to do it. I took that step off the platform and as I plummeted to the ground I felt my heart drop to my feet. It was over in seconds and before I knew it I was lying on my back in the wood chip feeling like I had just bungee jumped off the side of the Victoria falls. I felt incredible!

The adventure was done and it was time for us to go home and even though we only completed 4 out of 5 courses we felt so accomplished. We had pushed ourselves and done something fun and learnt that with determination we could pretty much do anything. I felt so proud when I was given my little certificate and I loved having a little souvenir of my time at Go Ape. We cooled off with some well deserved ice cream and then took a walk around the Coombe Abbey Country Park and Hotel while chatting about our Tree Top Adventure before finally getting into the car and heading home. We were exhausted but absolutely content and we would 100% recommend visiting Go Ape if you haven’t been before.

Will I be going back? Probably not, I’ve had enough Tree Top Adventures to last me a lifetime! I will however be pushing myself a lot more to do more things outside of my comfort zone and challenging myself. It was a very enriching experience and I want to have more experiences like it. Thanks so much to Superdry challenging to take part in their Summer or Nothing campaign and to Go Ape for the amazing Tree Top Adventure; it has really jump-started my summer and I feel pumped to do more fun stuff outside of my comfort zone. I can already feel that this summer is going to be an amazing summer!

What fun activities would you like to do this summer? If you need some ideas, check out the Superdry Summer Or Nothing page for fun things to do in your region.

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