Nordgreen: Durable and Sustainable Watches


Over the past few months, I've been sharing a lot, particularly on social media about how I'm adopting a slower and more sustainable approach to fashion. This is something that I've been thinking about for a long time and I decided to take it seriously while streamlining my wardrobe over the summer. The primary goal was to make sure that my wardrobe truly captured my personal style and worked for me and the secondary goal was that while I was embarking on this 'project', I would be more conscious of my fashion consumption and my own personal habits that have an impact on the environment.

It's been a truly interesting journey that has involved in-depth research into brands I spend my money on, shopping second hand and re-styling pieces in my wardrobe. Now that I feel comfortable with how I'll be shopping for clothing going forward, I thought that I would also look into some sustainable accessory brands that I can shop with to help me make the most of my wardrobe. One such brand I've discovered is Nordgreen, a Danish durable and sustainable watch brand.


Nordgreen is a fairly new brand that has only been around since 2017 and it was with built for the purpose of creating aesthetically pleasing and functional timepieces whilst adopting sustainable practices. The name itself Nordgreen comes from the combination of two words - 'Nord' and 'Green.' "Nord" to characterise the Nordic identity and "Green" to embody the brand's commitment to the environment.

Nordgreen is a brand that believes in an inherent responsibility to social and environmental causes in order to improve life for everyone. It's a brand that takes sustainability very seriously and this is the reason why I wanted to share this brand with you as one of my preferred sustainable accessories brands.

Nordgreen's Social and Environmental Responsibility

As well as adhering to the Nordic design tradition of creating products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and suitable for customers, Nordgreen believes in a responsibility to the wider community and environment which is captured in their many efforts and initiatives which include creating high-quality and long-lasting products, plans to make every aspect of their business carbon-neutral, their Giving Back Program and campaign collaborations with NGOs to support urgent global causes through quarterly campaigns. They are truly a brand worthy of your hard-earned money; especially if you share similar values.

The Watch

So now we know that Nordgreen is a great brand that cares about society and the environment, the next question is, what about their products? Well, I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that their products are equally as amazing as their efforts towards sustainability and social responsibility. I have one of their best selling styles, the Philosopher which is a statement piece. It's everything I look for in a watch; simple, sophisticated and stricking with amazing detailing. Something that can work with many different outfits for many different occasions.

The Philosopher watch in the gold colourway was my watch of choice because I mainly wear gold jewellery and I knew this piece would go well with items I already have. I also opted for the white dial for a clean look but you have the option of a black or navy dial to suit your own unique tastes. I love the oomph it gives what is an otherwise simple but casual outfit of linen shorts and a knitted top and I can definitely see this watch adding some pizzaz to more formal or dressier outfits.

The styles and options of watches are endless on Nordgreen and if the Philosopher watch is not to your taste, I'm sure you'll be able to find a style that matches your style. I also have an amazing discount of 15% off when you use my code tashpantz15 to shop your order so not only will you be doing your bit for the environment by shopping with a durable and sustainable brand but you'll also be doing your bit for your wallet with a saving.

Image of Nordgreen Native Watch

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