Staying stylish during pregnancy: tips & tricks


I've spent years on the internet carving out a space for myself based on how I style items and inspire others with my style so when I found out I was pregnant I was excited to challenge myself to keep creating stylish looks throughout my pregnancy. I must say, staying stylish during pregnancy has not been an easy feat, and often times I've defaulted to leggings and a baggy jumper but on the whole, I think I've done a good job of marrying comfort with style in order to create outfits that people can recreate easily and feel great in; pregnant or not.

In today's post, I thought I'd share some easy tips and tricks on how to stay stylish during your pregnancy so that you can feel like yourself and not like a frumpy mess.

Tips & tricks to help you stay stylish during pregnancy


The first thing I did to help me stay stylish during pregnancy was to find some inspiration. This involved spending some time on Instagram and Pinterest looking for other pregnant women and seeing what they were wearing. I would then save images that I felt like I could recreate or use to inspire my outfits and I made sure they were in line with my personal style and included items that I already had in my wardrobe or that I would typically wear. Having boards or albums of pregnancy style inspiration really helped me on days where I felt like I had nothing to wear because it was so easy to look at what I had saved and use that for some inspiration. It was also such a good reminder to me that pregnancy style didn't have to be boring or frumpy but could actually be stylish and cool.

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Cohesive colour palette

Finding a cohesive colour palette is another important and easy way to help you stay stylish during pregnancy. I love my neutral colours so when I was buying clothes to wear during maternity and beyond, I stuck to buying items in complementary neutral colours. This helped me save a lot of time and money ensuring that the items I had in my wardrobe worked well together and made it extremely easy to mix and match. Having a cohesive colour palette will make sure you look put together with minimal effort and will also make sure you get the most out of items because you'll be able to mix and match your separates to create new looks. So whatever your chosen colour palette, make sure your items work well together to see you through your pregnancy.

Fabric choices  

As my pregnancy progressed and it became increasingly difficult to fit into my wardrobe staples, I realised that fabric choices were going to become very important. I had to say goodbye to stiff and unforgiving fabrics like denim (which is my absolute fave) and opt for more flowy or stretchy fabrics that could accommodate my growing bump and keep me feeling comfortable. In the summer months, I lived in linen Daily Sleeper dresses and flowy midi-dresses and skirts that skimmed over my bump and kept me cool and it was relatively easy to look put together. As the autumn months approached I swapped my flowy dresses for thick knit dresses with elastane and oversized chunky knits to pair with leggings for style and functionality.

Changing my fabric choices and going for fabrics with more give has really gone a long way to not only helping me stay comfortable as I've gotten bigger but it's also helped me stay stylish and feeling like myself.

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Up sizing 

I was adamant at the start of my pregnancy that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothing. Apart from the fact that I didn't think maternity clothing would have much longevity in my wardrobe, I also didn't find much in terms of options for petite ladies like myself. I managed to bag a pair of maternity jeans and some maternity leggings that fit me well but on the whole, I opted to go for clothes I'd typically wear pre-pregnancy but just to size up one or two sizes.

Not only did this tip help me stay stylish but it also helped me branch out and try out some new clothing styles such as bodycon dresses which I would usually steer clear of. Who would have thought that bodycon styles which made me feel super self-conscious pre-pregnancy would now be a wardrobe staple for me and actually make me feel more confident and dare I say, SEXY (I just threw up in my mouth a little lol)?


Another easy way to stay stylish during pregnancy is to up the anti-on accessories and outerwear. Think coats, jackets, jewellery, bags, shoes, and scarves; anything you can add to your outfit to make it a little bit more interesting and eye-catching. My go-to accessory is a lovely bag because it's not only stylish but it's functional too. I love pairing a designer or high-end bag with a very simple outfit to elevate it a little and I've enjoyed doing this even more during pregnancy as the majority of my outfits have been fairly simple.

I hope you found these simple little tips and tricks helpful and that my outfit choices over the past few months have given you some inspiration if you're pregnant (or not) and finding it a little bit difficult to stay stylish. For more outfit inspiration and styling videos make sure you follow me on Instagram.

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