Hi there, my name's Natasha! Welcome to my website.

I'm a vertically challenged, fashion and lifestyle content creator who loves to share minimal style inspiration, advice, travel snaps and more.

I started Natasha FS during my university years as a hobby and as a way to document my personal style and over the years it has morphed into a space where I can share my passion for helping everyday women get more from their wardrobes and live life loudly and confidently no matter their age or where they're at in life.

You will find everything from outfit styling and tips on how to save money, to honest musings about life, love, friendship and career as I, myself try to figure out this thing called life.

I hope to inspire you with my content and to encourage you through your personal journey by sharing my own unique experiences and my hope is that this can be a space where we can grow together and encourage each other to reach new heights.