In order to keep my blog going, I may sometimes engage in paid partnerships with brands or gifted experiences in return for coverage. I only ever accept partnerships from brands that I would spend money on myself or are of genuine interest to me and my audience.

I will always mark partnerships clearly and indicate the nature of the collaboration in line with the ASA guidelines. Here are what the various indicators mean.


I have been paid by a brand or agency to create content on my platform. Money has been exchanged and there is a written brief. I will also add the statement “This is a paid partnership with X” for total clarity! I will also mark a post as AD in relation to my own products.

AD – Gifted

In return for a gifted product or experience, I have produced content on my platforms.

AD – Press Event

I have been invited to attend a press event courtesy of a brand, business or agency.

AD – Press trip

I have been invited on a press trip and all or part of the costs have been gifted in return for coverage.

AD – Affiliate link

Some links or promotional codes will earn me a small commission/credit if you make a purchase using the code/through the link. Affiliate links do not cost you money. They just pay me a few pennies for the referral and are a great way to support creators like myself

Previous Partnerships

If I have had a previous paid/gifted relationship with a brand or business, I will state this in my content. I love the product or experience so I am posting about it again but I’m not being paid for the post!

If you have any more questions on how I earn money and how it affects you, please feel free to email me at

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