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Hey dolls! So this week's Monday post is not going to be an outfit post because I haven't managed to find the time to shoot one but fear not, I'll try to get one up in Thursday's post if the weather permits. Anyway to compensate for the lack of an outfit post I thought I'd do a what's in my bag post to let you guys in a little bit and give you a sense of what I carry around with me on a day to day basis. I really enjoy watching these kinds of videos on Youtube and I thought it might be interesting for me to do the same thing but in a blog post.

Bag - H&M

My everyday bag of choice changes depending on the occassion and what I'm doing on a particular day but lately this little number from H&M has been my go to for day-to-day. I love it's matte black colour with the gold hardware and I also like that the faux leather doesn't look cheap which is common with a lot of faux leather items. I also love the fact that this bag has a long strap which makes it so easy to carry around over the shoulder or as a cross body bag and also the fact that this bag is deceptively spacious. It looks so cute and small on the outside but I kid you not I can fit so much into this bag which I love because I'm the kind of person who just wants to take everything because I believe it's better to have something and not need it rather than to need something and not have it.


There are 3 things that I never leave my house without and hence these three things are always in my bag; my house keys, my phone and my purse. These items are absolute essentials and if I didn't have any one of them I'd feel so weird and anxious. My phone is a standard iPhone 5s with a white face and gold back and it's like my first child lol; it's totally the first thing I pick up in the morning and the last thing I look at before bed. My purse is very old and battered from Topshop and truth be told I am in desperate need of a new one, this purse has served me well but it's time to say goodbye :(.

Lipstick - Collection Plum Sensation | Lip Balm - Body Shop Honeymania

I always have the day's lipstick of choice in my bag for touch ups during the day after eating and drinking and so forth and on this particular day I had my current favourite lipstick for A/W which is Plum Sensation by collection. It is a matte burgundy which looks great on all skin tones and which is a great alternative to the standard red lipstick. I also make sure to have some sort of lip balm or Vaseline in my bag to moisturise my lips before applying lipstick and on this day I had the Body Shop's lip balm in Honeymania. I love this lip balm because it so moisturising without being overly greasy or sticky and it makes a good base before applying any lipstick. On this day I also had a packet of face wipes in my bag which are always very handy to have; they're great if you want to clean your hands or surfaces quickly, for freshening up and for taking off residue of matte lipsticks before applying a fresh coat which is no doubt what I had them in my bag for on this day.

Perfume - Beyonce Heat

Another essential for me is some type of comb or hair brush to keep my hair in place and tame throughout the day especially now that I am rocking a long weave which gets tangled and caught so easily. I also make sure that I have some sort of fragrance or perfume at hand in case I need a top up during the day or night and on this day I had a bottle of Beyonce's heat perfume which I got as part of a set. I love the smell of this perfume, its so sweet but crisp and fresh at the same time which is so befitting for autumn.

Powder - Mac Blot Pressed Powder Deep Dark

Last but not least, I always make sure I have a face powder and power brush with me if I'm wearing makeup to keep away shine throughout the day. I don't usually need to top up my makeup throughout the day and in A/W I don't tend to get as oily as I do in the summer so I usually opt for my blot pressed powder from Mac which is so light and doesn't make my makeup look cakey.

So that's it guys! That's what in my bag, hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it interesting. If you have similar posts leave a link to them in the comments, I'd love to see what's in your bags! Toodles!

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